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At the law firm of Milner & Nixon, PLLC in Clinton, MS, the firm’s diverse clientele come from all walks of life, but when they retain a Milner & Nixon, PLLC attorney, they all expect the same thing – personalized legal services and the benefits of a well-earned reputation for winning difficult and often complex family law and real estate law, and estate planning cases in Clinton and Jackson, MS. Attorneys Steven Price Nixon and Sean A. Milner bring more than 27 years of combined knowledge, skill and resources to provide you with strategic and long-lasting solutions. As a small Mississippi law firm, Milner & Nixon, PLLC welcomes anyone desiring an attorney who will provide a high level of personal attention, service and experience.

Milner & Nixon, PLLC supplies creative and workable solutions in the preparation of documents such as wills, trusts instruments and prenuptial agreements, as well as for estate planning, powers of attorney and health care, and property decisions. Especially in heir property matters, where probate procedures are required to modify, sell or inherit land registered to a deceased family member, the firm’s lawyers are skillful in helping clients implement their objectives. Milner & Nixon, PLLC also strives to resolve matters less contentiously – and more economically – through alternative dispute resolution proceedings, a strategy often beneficial in family law cases.Let the attorneys at Milner & Nixon, PLLC in Clinton and Jackson, MS proactively resolve your legal matters in the following areas:

  • Property defense
  • Construction defects
  • Real Estate Law & Foreclosures
  • Eminent domain
  • Immigration
  • Tax deeds and confirmations
  • Family law
  • Wills & trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Personal injury

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Milner & Nixon, PLLC attorneys hold themselves to the highest levels of personal and professional behavior, which means that you can expect direct, honest and clear conversations and guidance about the pros and cons of your case.  From initial consultation to final resolution, the firm’s attorneys will personally meet with you to discuss and finalize all major decisions regarding your case.

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